Why doesn't everyone get the same results from food?

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I was thinking today about why sometimes different people can or will take the same actions to affect their health and get all kinds of different results. And this actually happened to me post IVF or during IVF. It stole my confidence in my body and a knowing that I get to feel and look good and have the energy that I want all day everyday and expect it.


This is SUCH a good topic and I have a few insights for you today about where results come from. Knowledge is power for sure, so the hardest place to be is in this position of I don't know what's wrong, or I don't know what to do, also known as helplessness. It's horrible and it definitely exists for people for multiple reasons:


1. No one teaches us about how our bodies work

2. No one teaches us about food

3. No one teaches us about how our bodies work & respond to food

4. We aren't taught the power of our minds, especially our subconscious minds


After IVF I felt stuck. Stuck stuck stuck and during it I felt like I was in shock. WHAT WAS HAPPENING TO MY BODY? It was so UNFAMILIAR. What happened never happened before, I didn't change so the process triggered something in me. But I didn't have a solution, like many of you may not have if you have ever experienced


>Digestive stress

>Weight gain


>Anxiety and depression


When something appears out of "nowhere" (it's never nowhere but it can feel like it) it's super discouraging. All of a sudden, you are clueless about how to help yourself. About how to take care of your body and then you can spiral.

The spiral is simply an accumulation of negative thoughts that end up solidifying themselves as a belief. And since a belief is DEEP and CORE level, then you cannot create an outcome like: releasing weight, gaining energy, clearing your skin, having a baby when you actually don't believe that you can.


Do you see?

So what needs to happen is all of this inflammatory stuff that freaks us all out has to be brought into the light. So that you KNOW that you actually do and always have been empowered around your health, your body and your LIFE. But the deeper you are IN IT, the stuck-ness, or fatigue, infertility, or digestive stuff, the more of a strong mind you will require to get yourself out of it.


When you believe it's hard to heal, to lose weight, to have a baby:

It will be for YOU


You will also SEE that this is indeed the case all around you, because the Universe is only reflecting to you what you actually believe.


So take inventory:

Are you feeling stuck?

Does everyone gain weight around you?
Do all your entrepreneur friends have adrenal fatigue?

Are way too many people you know infertile?

It's a reflection and also YES way too many people are struggling because of LACK OF KNOWLEDGE about the truth of these situations.

Here's what I know:


  • LOVE HEALS ANYTHING: the highest power of all is love, and within that there are miracles, which are not meant to be so few, they are meant to be normal.
  • Your body may be experiencing something you don't like but it's a lesson not a failure: nothing is wrong with you, please NEVER believe that, but there is a reason your body is trying to get your attention, look inside.
  • We KNOW we can heal ourselves it is a fact: You need to look around ON PURPOSE and find other people that have transformed what you want to transform. Or healed what you want to heal. 


That's why I tell you about how I healed my stomach problems, and cleansed my body post IVF and healed my hormones, and it's not just me, all kinds of people heal. It's SUPPOSED to be common knowledge that you can heal yourself. It's SUPPOSED to be expected that if you don't like something within yourself you can change it. It's SUPPOSED to be mainstream that food heals.


But until then, I will keep telling you.


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So, get out of your head if it's telling you nothing works or it's not going to work for YOU. You are not separate from the power of healing. It gets to work for you too. Repeat after me:

Of course I get to have the dream body and health I have always wanted. It's meant for me, my desires are meant for me and I always get my desires.


Jodi :)