Post Easter Sugar High Lunch Box Menu

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Post Easter Sugar High Lunch Box Menu!

I’m exaggerating, Dalton didn’t really eat much sugar (no judgement if you or your littles did though!)

I talked to his teacher this morning and she is the BEST they had cookies last week for their Spring party and she even took the frosting off for me but ever since then his tummy has been a little ummmm angry at him/us?!?

This is why food matters so much. It’s co-creating the health of your gut, and for your kids too, and so much of their immune system. And your body just simply shows you by how consistent, easy and healthy your elimination is/are what’s going on in there.

All the grandparents Easter baskets had cute toys, clothes and games - good job fam :) and he tried one bit of a candy bar but that and the cookie sent his gut out of whack, and that’s how real this is. You will KNOW how foods affect you, especially if you have kids in diapers sorry if this is gross but it’s how you tell.

Then what do you do? You clean it up, just like your food if you don’t like how you feel. We went all in on fruits & veggies today to make it easy on the gut:

* Green beans
* Figs
* Roasted yellow potatoes w/organic ketchup
* mangoes * grapes
* Guacamole
* Applesauce pack

I decided to give him all fruits and veggies and no animal protein not because it’s bad or wrong, but it’s EASIER for him to feel better faster. Especially for tummy stuff.

I have no idea how much he’ll eat of this but we’ll find out soon. More fruit. More veggies. They work. And then any straggling candy I literally threw in the trash this morning. Because: it’s not real.

Let me know how your kids handled the candy or what questions you have about if they have tummy issues!

Jodi :)

Lunch Box: Whole Foods Market

Containers: Costco, came with lunch box, Buy Buy Baby