Why drinking coffee all day and not eating is slowing down your sales...and making your clothes tighter

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Why drinking coffee all day and not eating is slowing down your sales...and making your clothes tighter:

Coffee is super acidic. And sprayed with chemicals (unless organic) and a stimulant.

You drink the coffee on an empty stomach: This is what REALLY happens:

>You flood your newly awakened body that hasn't had food for hours with a harsh stimulant

>Instead of soothing and working on creating more stomach acid (a great idea to do in the morning) you take it down a few notches

>The stimulation of the caffeine to your adrenals is like smacking a sleeping (tired) baby and yelling 'HEY! get up!"

>Then you don't eat breakfast because who has time for that you have emails to get to and work to do....so that crabby baby is HUNGRY and NEEDS food but you ignore him.

>Hours later you are RAVENOUS...because#nofood and then you grab the first and fastest source of SUGAR you can find because those adrenals aka crabby hungry baby is going to PASS OUT if you don't

>And then since you have been diminishing your own ability to properly digest food because of this habit and low stomach acid you finally eat something and dinner and your stomach is BLOATED because you can't break it down right and it's rotting in your stomach

>Finally you fall asleep, crabby grouchy, not nourished to start the cycle again.

Do you see how this is a problem?

That leads to:

Weight gain
Difficult Relationships
You not being in flow and doing what you love
Clothes that don't fit right
Sugar addiction


I wonder if it would be worth figuring out how to see inside your body to get what you DO WANT.

Smooth digestion
Clear skin

Yes of course it is.

That's why you need Trust Your Gut. To figure it out, your unique food blueprint and NEVER need to worry about health, food or eating, to get in control of your body.

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PS: coffee pictured is my own recipe and alkaline and yum.

So simple.

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The recipe in the picture is simple: brewed mushroom coffee (chaga), chilled, with ice and coconut milk and organic liquid stevia. Simple. Real. Won’t hurt your gut. You still get your coffee.

You’re welcome.

Jodi :)

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