The top 6 gut irritants....or are they?

The 6 Most Common Gut Irritants:


This is the list you'll get from *most* people who even ENTERTAIN the idea that foods are a big part of the problem.

Here's what I have to add to this though:

>>Eggs: agree. They feed bad bacteria in the gut and throw off the proper balance making it really hard to heal and get ahead

>>Soy: yep same, feeds viral matter and is also usually GMO, and also a neurotoxin (your gut has loads of nerve endings in the gut so there ya go....)

>>Gluten: ok yes because GMOs, but also it's not just GLUTEN, and make sure you know that you don't go and eat straight up gluten off the shelf. Gluten. As in WHEAT, BARLEY, RYE. As in loads of snacks/crackers/breads/cereals, cookies, etc. It's like everywhere. EYES OPEN friends!

>>Legumes: actually these are NOT the problem. They just aren't the first part of the solution. IN fact, many legumes, especially sprouted are very good for you, it also depends on your body type and some grounding issues as well, but it's the combo of carbs/protein that stirs up issues in the gut WHILE you are healing, but nothing in them is feeding the root cause like in these other examples.

>>Dairy: AGREE. I mean I literally have nothing to say here if you have bloating and gut issues and are eating anything from a know what to do like NOW.

>>Corn: again the GMOs, over 85% of corn is genetically modified. That means we don't actually KNOW what it's doing to the gut and to your cells because it doesn't behave like old fashioned corn, it's been given a life of it's own. Also hidden in MANY other foods. Namely look out for CITRIC ACID.

So this is the tip of the ice berg and we haven't even gotten into the what to eat foods. AND there are more on the NO list.

But this is SO IMPORTANT for you guys to understand. WHY? Because any health issues/condition needs to be healed partly via food and that means you have to have a healthy digestive system first. AND ESPECIALLY IF YOU know your gut is whacky right now, you need to know these things because our food system contains so much of what are keeping your issues active.

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