The #1 Thing it takes to get to your health goal



This is the number one thing that you must have if you want to reach your goals. Whether it's about health or something else. I can see the change in my clients when they get it. When it stops being about having the dessert, or the cookies that are sitting out at the office or the family get-together. When you can look further ahead to where you want to be, you will be able to easily overcome all of the little distractions that want to sabotage you getting to where you want to be.


Here are the things that if you can get in your mindset, will help you be super successful:

  • Get out of the moment. Just because something is available to eat, doesn't mean you should. Take a walk, get out of the room, go drink some water, make some tea, brush your teeth or write in your journal. Figure out what you really want in that moment.
  • Realize that deprivation is not a real thing. There are no lack of cupcakes or cookies in the world. There never will be. There will always be a time to celebrate something and maybe you use food to do that, or maybe you don't. If you pass up a dessert today, don't you know that it will be available tomorrow too? It will for sure, so decide what you want. Do you want a cupcake or do you want to fit back into your favorite dress?
  • Trust in the process. I hear a lot that people think that if they are to 'be healthy' they will never be able to have their 'x' vice again. Healthy doesn't mean boring. It doesn't mean never having anything fun to eat. It is a learning process, both for you and your tastebuds. Until you get rid of the crap in your diet, you truly cannot say that you don't like the taste of something or you miss the sugar or sweets. Let me tell you, once you get rid of it, when you add it back, your body will notice. It will talk to you. And it probably won't be talking nicely. Your body wants to be healthy and work easily. And who knows, maybe you will just start to find vegetables are a craving and ice cream made out of coconut is divine AND doesn't make your stomach ache.
  • Want it more. You have to want it more everyday. Want the weight to be gone, want the blood pressure to be regulated without drugs, want to have energy or to be able to eat foods without pain. When you do this, every decision will be a no-brainer and you take back the control.


It starts with figuring out what you want. So do that first, write it down, visualize it and then learn what it takes to get there. Once you decide, it's game over.