The answers are in your gut all along

Yesterday I was talking to my mom and we ended up talking about life and our health struggles we have both had in the past years. Fertility for me and cancer for her.

And we both had one very big thing in common:

We both didn’t follow our instincts and acted out of fear instead of trusting our own inner knowing and gut that told us NOT to do what the doctors were telling us to do. And not just doctors, it’s not on them, no one can make you do anything you don’t want to do - but EVERYONE/EVERYTHING/IT’S JUST WHAT YOU DO/THE WAY IT IS


To think about what I didn’t know and how I conformed, followed along with “protocol” or just didn’t have FAITH in my own self, my OWN body, my own intuition that was telling me all along that fertility treatments were NOT a good idea for me.

I knew it. I KNEW inside that I didn’t want to do it. And my mom knew that after her lumpectomy, she had no more cancer in her body, but did chemo anyway when she KNEW she didn’t want to do that.

And when my mom was going through breast cancer, I was ONE OF THE PEOPLE who wanted her to do it. Yes ME! Because even 11 years ago I didn’t know how things worked. I didn’t know how powerful I was, or my body was, or that I was in fact always being guided and could believe that my path was working out no matter what it looked like. I was afraid. That’s what all of this is. FEAR that you will

  • Not get better without taking the medicine or doing the surgery or any of it

  • Not be able to have a baby, have a family, have this picture of life you had in your head IF you don’t do this

  • Not be safe in your own body

  • or DIE

I didn’t want my mom to DIE so I wanted her to do what they said she had better do. It’s funny how you can change what you believe when you go through something that is a greater teacher than fear.

I think that’s what happens to so many people, many that I’ve even worked with. You have stomach problems, pains, IBS/SIBO or something else apparently hard to figure out. You go to the doctors, then the specialists, then to Mayo or somewhere and THEN you start realizing that you are going to have to be your own healer. Maybe you find someone to help you (🙋‍♀️) or maybe you just read enough, research enough, learn enough that under all of this confusing stuff and jargon, it’s all just not that complicated.

You start to look at what you are doing. What you are eating. What you aren’t. What you are living, where you are stuck, not happy, not WHOLE. And that maybe your body is reflecting something to you, and maybe all you need is to UNLEARN and to come back to things that are real. And to trust. And to know. And to have FAITH. That the greatest POWER of all is within you.

There is no lack of health. There is only a lack of allowing health to flow.

And so there are ways, many in fact to heal and to support your body and health. I don’t have the only one. There isn’t only one. There are many healers, coaches, truth tellers. Many that have uncovered a method that worked for them that they are sharing.

But here’s what’s in common with them all:

It’s about you, YOU knowing what is right for you and then putting together the pieces that make sense and work.

It will bring you back to see and know that your body knows what to do, that we have the tools all around us and within us this very moment.

And that you are directing the messages with your thoughts, your mind and that THAT is a very powerful place to be.

You can change. You can heal. You can feel and be and know you are safe. You can have a baby. You can beat cancer. You can you can you can.

Follow your gut. It’s the only way.

I’m taking on new private coaching clients now, to work with the woman who wants to, no HAS to know how her own body works, what it needs, what she needs to put this picture all together. So you can have a baby, or heal your body and feel the way you want to feel and on your own terms, whatever that looks like for you, and to know how to work with your body, your health, with food, and to have that power to understand and then to decide and make it happen.

Message me for details.

Jodi :)

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