The simplest way to see results

OK so first!

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You have to believe in THIS. When you are talking about feeling better in your own body, you ultimately first MUST believe that what you are doing will work for you.

Because there is the issue of not doing what you know to do and then the issue of NOT knowing what you need to do and the final issue of NOT BELIEVING in what you do.

What is missing in almost all programs geared for healing and helping you change your body and health are the BIGGER energetic parts of the equation. Because anyone can change their diet and go on walks and make it to the gym, but if for some reason you don’t think that’s enough, because you don’t think you are ENOUGH until or unless you get those results, then well, it’s going to be hard because you are likely needing to learn this lesson that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Here’s what I love about being a health coach/nutrition nerd/investigator of all things science and health:

  • It has created such a STRONG knowing and belief in the ability of foods, herbs, sunshine, water, cleansing, meditation to actually heal us

In the past few weeks I’ve heard a few people say things like food doesn’t matter, it’s not THE thing that ultimately changes you.

And I both agree and disagree with them.

Yes, definitely absolutely do you need to understand that our humanness, human form and physical body is the SMALLER part of all of who we are, so if/when you place all your effort on just the “perfect diet” or “perfect workout” then it won’t work or it will require a lot of effort (#beenthere) because it will take you mounds of effort to make a dent into transformation because you aren’t hooking into greater power (which IS available to you right now).

But because I am the food nerd that I am, I ALSO do know and believe and trust that our foods DO actually have MASSIVE transformational abilities BECAUSE they are not just physical in form. They are not only affecting matter, that’s the thing, when you run/bike/swim/take supplements/etc that’s you trying to affect matter with matter and that is the long slow hard way.

And foods are METAphysical. They do shift you emotionally, and spiritually. Think about it, have you ever had a really great and nutritious day of eating and then you woke up the next morning feeling really light digestively and higher energy and clear headed? VS. eating processed things, or even too much of stuff that isn’t necessarily bad just you didn’t even really want it or need it? You cannot tell me you don’t FEEL differently.

And it’s the physical tied into the emotional and spiritual. But back to the main point:

The simplest way to see results is to just do what you do KNOW you need to do. If you are eating ice cream too often, knock it off, if you are being extra lenient with yourself, stop that. Here’s the trick, you have to take the emotions out of the situations you are trying to change. If you want to get slimmer, then you have to change whatever you are doing that is not on the path to your new body.

Is it in your snacking?

Is it in your portion sizes?

Is it in your lack of movement?

Is it in the negative self talk?

Maybe it’s all of them.

Only you know.

But your body will and mostly your MIND will fight you when you decide to change. To become a new person who has this new body. It’s used to what you’re doing, you’ve made it normal, so you have to break out of the known and comfortable and do it all new.

Look at all of your habits with your health and see where you don’t like your behavior and do the opposite. Not drinking water? Stop drinking everything else and drink water.

Not working out?

Pay money to go workout, go to a gym, go to classes, just set your alarm and pretend you LOVE getting up early, until you actually do.

If your mind says you want a cookie, tell yourself that no you don’t. You really want a healthier body MORE.

That’s it. Basically deciding that you are going to change and then believe in the path that you are follow. It’s not complicated but it’s not always easy.

And if you actually don’t know what you’re doing that isn’t working and need to know how to use your food and health practice to get results, then good! I’m glad you haven’t quit looking to understand! Because here’s what I know.

Even when you know a lot about health and food sometimes you can’t see how to shift what your body needs. It comes down to how your body is or isn’t working at it’s best right now. Because it DOES know what to do to help you feel amazing and look great. It does want to work and flow and absorb and process foods well and allow you to feel so much energy.

But there are a lot of misunderstood food trends, diets, information about healing the gut, bloating, and inflammation. What you really need is a plant based diet, what you need is to let your energy in the body catch up so you then have something to work with.

This is what I’m teaching in The Pure Path, my 6 week course to help you clear up confusion, inflammation, toxins and put you and your body on the easiest path to health and transformation. It’s a different way of eating than most people are accomplishing day to day, but when you see how your symptoms are just messages to give you clues about what’s off, and you learn how to incorporate plant based eating into your life for good, it’s really really easy.

And when you understand how foods work FOR you not AGAINST you and how your MIND needs to basically play nice with this whole process, then THEN! you have got it down for life :)

Check it out here!

We’re starting in October!

Heal your gut. Shift your energy. Brighter skin. Faster digestion, and HOW TO DO IT long term, not an elimination diet that is hard no fun and sucks.

Remember, food is fun, food is energy and food is your healing tool.

Jodi :)