Pressed Juicery cleanse day 2 - half way, almost....

pressed juicery cleanse.JPG

So I’m back on the juice cleanse wagon again. Actually I debated doing this because I just had come to the conclusion that I didn’t NEED a 28 day cleanse (I’m not sick) YET I have been feeling gross in my own self. Honestly, I know food works, I know the best kind of diet for me. I believe in foods so much but I haven’t been doing what I know to do.

It’s weird but I was going back and forth in my mind thinking, well if energy matters more than I can just eat whatever I want. Which for me still is organic, plant based but I still let stuff leak in, stuff like almond flour crackers, plantain chips, siete chips, basically salty crunchy snacks OR vegan ice cream, larabars, wine, or just eating more than I needed to eat, eating more out of stress or just lack of intention.

I luckily found that I had enough credit in my Pressed Juicery membership to cover a 3 day cleanse. I’ve done this cleanse before I think 2 or 3 times. And I always choose the one with the most greens. So each day you drink:

  • Greens 1

  • Greens 2

  • Citrus 1

  • Greens 3

  • Greens 1

  • Almond vanilla date milk

And you drink at least 16 oz of water in between each juice. Every time I drink juices in bulk like this for even three days, my body just lightens up. It loves it. I know it’s because my first time doing a 3 day juice cleanse was a HUGE impactor on my cleansing from my fertility drugs. Like a FOG lifted off me after the first day way back when. So this time, I am doing it because one, it’s fall so I believe in deeper cleansing with the change of the seasons, it’s just a nice and loving thing to do for your body because it’s always working for us. And two, because I want a fresh start and I think I need a mental challenge more than a food challenge so that then going back to regular healthy eating is super simple and easy.

Day 1, I was super excited and ready to go because my juices had come Friday and I waited until Monday to start because we had family in town. And then after a long long walk with Dalton I was mad I couldn’t eat my normal lunch, so I ate green beans and cauliflower rice and grapes. Formerly I would have given myself such a hard time but this time I know working on my mindset is just as important and I’m not about to give myself crap for eating grapes.

The rest of the day was fine, I drank my juices and wasn’t hungry.

Day 2, I woke feeling a ton lighter in my stomach which usually feels fine anyways. My energy was down some though and I drank my first juice right away. I also take the Live Pure liquid cleanse with this (and I take the regularly) I went to the gym and felt sort of dizzy on the way and while I started walking on the treadmill. I didn’t force myself to run but felt my energy increase as I kept going, then I sat in the sauna a little bit and came home. My second juice was so good and went down super easily but then I started to want fruit pretty badly.

A cleanse, a diet change, it’s all a mind game, the words you say to yourself and the thoughts that you let dominate you or you choose to kick them out of your head space and put better ones in are all you really need. I just kept telling myself NO, we LOVE juicing, this is fun, my body LOVES this way of eating/drinking. Just do it basically. It’s only three days and there is literally not much better than that feeling when you wake up the morning of day 4 feeling super light, clear and fresh. And then you just keep putting fresh fruits and veggies in. It’s like you fight it while you do it and then when it’s done you want it back. Weird.

I’ll post again tomorrow about the rest of day 2 and 3 and give you an update. I love reading other blogger’s experiences with doing these things, it’s interesting to see how people respond and what their motivations are. I read one last night where the girl said I broke the cleanse because I didn’t like one of the juices and I’m never doing it again! lol. Oh well, we’re all on our own journeys.

I’m off to drink some very exciting….WATER :)