There's WAY more going on with your body than the FOODS you eat!

There's way more going on with your body than the food that you eat.

You put too much emphasis on the food, the diet the PLAN. 

That might sound weird coming from a health coach who is obsessed with healthy food, but it's true.

If it was all about the food then everyone who ate the same (like Paleo, or no carb) would have the same results. And that is NOT happening.

Most all of my clients have tried:

*Sugar Free
*No carb/low carb
*All organic

So why are they all still coming to me then with all this crappy inflammation? Can't lose weight, don't know what to do, thyroid issues, hair and skin issues, DIGESTIVE issues, adrenal fatigue.....

It's because of the energetic side of course.

You have EMOTIONAL PORES in your gut. This means that every time you have negative emotions like feeling overwhelmed, worried, fearful, stressed, annoyed, sad, depressed, anxious, you creating inflammation in your body.

Negative emotions = adrenaline = working your adrenals
When your adrenals burn out and you still have the chronic stress from your 80 hours a week of working in this business you've built that you LOVE, your body still pumps the adrenaline.

That is like battery acid running through your veins. Acidic. Damaging. Inflammatory.

Your body receives the messages of how you FEEL, so even when you eat "clean" you can still struggle.

You have to know the energy side of food and digestion and the rest of your organs.

You have to know how the foods you need to eat are working on these negative emotions to create a shift.

When you eat knowing these things, you start to SEE things differently, become AWARE of things, start to CRAVE different things.

You become intuitive with your food and your body guides you along your path of least resistance, the exact same way as it guides you with money, abundance and love. ๐Ÿงก

It's science, yes, but way way more.

If you want to know how to get your body to shift where it's been stuck for so long that even your naturopath, functional medicine doctors and health coach can't figure it out, it's this.

Understand the metaphysical properties of foods, the nutrients, digestion and put it all together and you will get your energy back, knock out the bloating, lose the weight and FEEL GOOD, which is why we want everything anyways.

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