How to get rid of cramps without DRUGS

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From being a girl who hardly ever (and I mean I'd go a year) without getting a period to now having it regularly this thing with having cramps is still sort of new to me. And actually, I didn't even have them after the first few months of getting my cycle back, but TODAY, this morning I woke up and they were angry with me.

Here's why you feel cramps on your cycle. Your body has x amount of energy to run on and nearly 80% of that is directly toward your daily natural processes with digestion being way up there. Your immune system is in your gut as well, so take notes. When you have your period nearly 80% of your energy shifts toward your reproductive organs. So that means, if you have gut issues your digestion is now even slower. And if you have any body issues with inflammation inside then all of the immune tribe that typically is fighting against them now doesn't have their full power and potential.

Cramps are a sign of an imbalance. Your body naturally has higher/different hormone levels during your cycle and these little buggers like bacteria/parasites/fungi FEED off hormones. So it's a binge fest in there and you feel it. This is all AMPLIFIED when you are not as healthy as you need to be inside. I fully fully believe that your body can handle cramps and you can eliminate them. I have for many months. So why are mine back?

Probably because I've been eating a little off my full healthy routine and taxing my body. Or it could be extra stress. OR I'm on this 3 day juice cleanse and at the top of day 3 so that means, while my digestion has not had to work hard for me, I am in fast forward detox mode. So that means along with hormones, my liver and organs are purging crap (which can also be fed on and felt when you immune system is a little weaker).

I just love understanding the body because then you don't have to freak out, pop and advil and essentially slow your own self down again with all the chemicals and synthetics in THAT. Just think of how many things/times a day/a week in our lives when you just do something without knowing what is fully going into your cells. It all adds up.

So what do you do? To get rid of cramps?

Here are the big ones and of course if you want to really know more about this and cleaning up your entire body and health then send me a message.

  • Nettle Leaf: get the Traditional Medicines herbal tea. Drink it everyday if you really have hormone imbalances but especially the three days before and all during your cycle. Put 2 bags in your cup in the afternoon.

  • You can also try the nettle leaf tincture, just make sure it's alcohol free

  • Raspberry leaf: another herbal tea that will minimize cramps

  • Eat leafy greens

  • CUT OUT: eggs/dairy/sugar and my entire NO list that actually is just making your entire body work hard

  • Eat easy. Meaning don't stress your gut out when there's not a lot of energy there. Drink green juices, smoothies, raw fruits and steamed veggies. Avoid animal protein (they have hormones too you GET those when you eat them)

  • Lots of water

  • Lavendar oil, on your lower abdomen with a hot cloth/compress and also rub it on the insides of your ankles

OH! And if you aren't getting your cycle but you know you need to...then do all these same exact things! The body is very smart, and responds to real things. Oh and my new favorite thing I do:

>>>>>I simply tell my body I DO NOT have time for this and I trust that it can figure it out with all the lovely things I've just given it to work with and please and thank you KNOCK IT OFF<<<<<<<<

(because everything you think is directing your cells in how to act. EXACTLY)

So see? There is ALWAYS something natural to do. And if it doesn't work within minutes (like it just now has for me) it just means you need to KEEP doing it, keep healing, keep learning, keep shifting how you eat and live. It will work.

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Once you understand how your body works (or doesn't) you can just change what you're doing to let it have an easy time. This IS how the body acts inside. When you know and understand this, food, health, herbs will feel very simplified.


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