Two different ways of eating Paleo and what it means in your body

Hey friend!

If you have been or are in the boat of having your healthy, Paleo ish type diet NOT work for you. This is why. I have seen it over and over again, and it's basically the simplicity of how you integrate this whole foods diet.

You already cut out grains; dairy; sugar but you aren't seeing results. These are the reasons:

  • You aren't quite doing Paleo the best way you can
  • AND/OR
  • You need to work on limiting beliefs and your mindset 


That's is, it's pretty simple, because you have the right to be healthy just like anyone else. The thing you need to understand is how foods work in the body. It's SO interesting and really amazing how easy it can be.


Watch this video I made comparing TWO different but Paleo diets and what is happening in each case to create the outcomes of each. If you feel stuck, this video will help you!


Make more sense? Let me know what you think and what changes you can make to your food plan to allow more results with ease!


And if you want to know HOW to do this, how to eat this way and everything about how food creates results, come and join my Fueled & Focused online course. It's how to cook, find the foods, KNOW what the foods and ingredient are in our world that are feeding disease and how to make it easy and what you want to do to eat well. Healthy eating fully explained. 


Jodi :)