What to do if fruits & veggies make your stomach hurt?

Sad but true.

Yes I hear this and have heard this from my clients that eating apples, or bananas or leafy greens "HURTS" my stomach, causes pain, cramps, digestive issues or a very quick trip to the bathroom.

That sucks. And it's not the fruit and it's not the veggies.

last night I saw TWO highly influential people on Instagram talking about how celery juice is a "myth" or makes them bloated. Well that's not what is making you bloated my friend and it's definitely NOT a trend or a myth and it's only going to get bigger and MORE mainstream which is so GOOD because everyone deserves to know how to heal.

It makes me mad though, the truth is, that fruits and veggies never hurt you, they are only always trying to help you and make you better, so if you do feel sick or pains from eating these, especially raw forms, there IS/ARE reasons it's just not that you shouldn't eat apples.

Here are few reasons:

  1. It's EVERYTHING else you are eating, like the ingredients in your protein powder, or the added sweeteners in your snack bar, or some filler or binder or preservative or corn or soy or or or

  2. It takes more than ONE moment to create a digestive problem so it's never about ONE food, remember it takes time for symptoms to manifest in your physical body

  3. It's a FIGHTER: yes these are healing foods and you will sometimes FEEL the effects of the battle inside. That apple is a super powerful cleanser so you might feel it, those bananas literally smother bad bacteria, and they don't want to die.

  4. It means you have irritation in the gut and the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM because it's all connected and super innervated.

I did a whole entire video on this and told you a few of the best things TO EAT if you are feeling gut issues. And I talked about my client Kelsey who had major shifts from food and working with me. Here's what she had to say:

"About a year before I met Jodi I started to experience stabbing and twisting pains in my gut area. I was missing a lot of work and social events with friends and family because I just could not get out of bed. The pain was tearing me down mentally and physically. I had been to countless doctor appointments, had every test done in the book. I even visited the Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis because no one could seem to figure out why I was having these horrible stomach pains. Multiple doctors told me it doesn’t matter what I eat with IBS that my stomach is going to hurt either way. Other doctors directed me to FODMAP diet. 

My body was a complete yo-yo with all these different treatments. Despite none of these treatments working, I actually continued to get worse but I was not going to give up on my health. I was at an extremely low point in my life, very depressed, stressed and developed severe anxiety. I spent countless days crying from the pain and asking what I did to deserve this. I was trying everything I was told and nothing was working, why wasn’t it working? 

At first I was skeptical as your approach was a lot more holistic and strayed from traditional western medicine. In my gut, I knew that I needed to try a completely different approach and this was it. I realized although I thought my diet was healthy it contained more protein and artificial sweeteners that the fitness industry has made us believe and switched to your recommendations of green juices and healing foods, but I started to shift my mindset to allow my body to soak up not only the nutrients of these foods but the powerful energies as well. The biggest challenge for me through this was to let go and not be in control at every second. I was so used to having to control every single thing I ate to try and not be sick that I was not allowing myself to heal and take in the healing energies of these good vibrational foods. One day, finally it (the stomach pains) were gone! I just couldn’t believe it. Jodi I cannot thank you enough for this journey. I know I still have much to do but you have helped in so many ways."

Want to know how to heal your body with the power of foods, energy, vibration and YOUR own mindset?

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