Why these food delivery services are still NOT what you need to solve your food, & cooking problems

So here’s the thing about these boxes with food that let you pick your meal plans - you THINK they should be the answer to all your I hate cooking dinner prayers.

I mean you can even PICK from:

Asparagus soup.JPG
  • Vegan

  • Vegetarian

  • Meat eater?!

  • Paleo

  • Keto

  • Low carb



Do you really, actually know what box you should be checking off? Or why?

AND just as importantly, do you know what ingredients are in all of these dishes? Because I’ll tell you the truth, I have looked at them and not one has the meal and food combinations in the order and formulas that the body, YOUR body is in the biggest need of.

Even if it’s Vegan, they are using corn, sometimes wheat.

Even if it’s Paleo, they are using pork or EGGS.

Even if it’s Keto, it’s too heavy on the protein too LOW on ALL THE VEGGIES

And I haven’t seen any with much FRUIT.

And mostly, you aren’t getting it.

You still aren’t going to see what you MOST HAVE TO SEE. Which is how this all works. Why you want to eat in this way which is Plant based, but what THAT even means and LOOKS like in your life.

It’s not just the fact that you don’t want to cook, or feel like it. It’s that you have to see the entire big picture. And GET it. GET why this is the key to your health and the way your body looks and feels.

The way I teach food is simply TRUTH.

What it does, how it works, what you have to get rid of and WHY

I’ll tell you why.

Because I don’t want you to get stuck. I don’t want you to have to struggle, or go from dr to dr, or diet to diet without ANYONE just simply explaining to you how this all fits together.

You don’t need a box checked or label. You need to know your body, what it’s asking for and what the groups of foods are that are required the MOST.


Once you see what you are doing, what you are working with, what the PLAN is. Then, it’s simply about getting familiar with it.

Learning about these veggies and herbs and fruits and how to put them together so everything tastes good. You like what you are eating. You don’t feel like you are missing out AT ALL.

Those boxes, and eating out - it’s like NOTHING compared to what YOU can and do make in such little time with SUCH amazing flavor.

I’m telling you the truth. I prefer to NOT eat out anymore.

I love being able to make my own food and trust it and know it’s only helping me and my body.

You don’t need a box, even if Martha Stewart is on it. Or a blue apron :)

You need to know how your body works. You need to know what you’re working with. You need to know food, you don’t have to be a chef, or be stuck in the kitchen for hours every night.

Not at all.

I don’t make meal plans. I don’t “prepare” ahead of time. I just have learned flavors, food formulas and how to put them together for HEALTH, ENERGY, BODY GOALS, SKIN GOALS and TASTE.

Save your money on the delivery.

Learn what you need, and how to put it all together. TRUST ME. You’re going to like the way you eat AND look.

Fueled & Focused starts TOMORROW!!

Join me LIVE for 6 weeks so you can see and learn and know these TRUTHS about food, that will completely forever change the way you see it, look at it and choose it.

This is MORE than a sugar detox, SUGAR is just ONE of the foods that causes your body to slow down.

This is more about what TO DO, what your body is asking for and teaching you HOW TO DO IT.

Plant based eating based on HOW THE BODY WORKS

Food Formulas:

How to put together the foods that fit into your most energetically aligned morning routine

Salad Bowls with tons of flavor, no more lettuce and getting hungry an hour later





What you are looking for when you shop, and what you aren't

NEW and MORE veggies, herbs, fruits and flavors

How to combine them, mix them match them and create endless options so that you CAN and DO have a simple, easy time making food for yourself and your family

Stop separating your health and body goals with this horrible hard thing you "have" to do to get there

It's all the same, it's ONE PROCESS

It gets to be good. Fun. Taste good. You get to LIKE the way you eat.

If you've been wanting to work with me, or simplify your food life. This is it, eating 101 for your health, body and energy.

Jodi :)

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