Do what you want to do - FLOW is everything

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This morning I went back to the gym to go to another class. Yesterday was the first time I went in MONTHS....I knew I needed a change in my workouts so I met some friends for a kickboxing class. It was super fun and lots of moving around, I was SORE this morning - good sore though.


So today I went back and went to this glutes class. But after less than 10 minutes I walked out. My muscles did NOT like it. My body did NOT like it. My soul did NOT like it.


No offense to anyone who lifts weights or any of that. In fact that's the point of this blog. I have TRIED to do the HIIT training, the squats, the lunges, the basic leg exercises....I KNOW them all, I was a personal trainer in my 20s. But my legs INSTANTLY started to get tight and feel really bulky. No thank you.


This pilates instructor had to go. So I left and did a ton of stretching and finally realized that I KNOW what my body wants and needs from me. And there is NOTHING wrong with quitting something that isn't working or going to work for you.


Why do we keep forcing our bodies to fit into these boxes or programs or DIETS that don't WORK? It's just silly. Do you know how many people have come to me and told me that they KNEW that when their health care practitioner/friend/trainer/doctor/whoever told them to do keto that it wasn't what they WANTED TO DO, or NEEDED TO DO? 


Do you know how many people I've worked with and maybe you right now reading this are still DOING a diet, a food plan that someone else out there made for themself (that worked for them) and then became really popular so you THINK that something is wrong with YOU when actually it's the complete OPPOSITE. 


NOTHING is wrong with YOU. You are just trying to fit in a food box that's the wrong size. You are dynamic, you are unique, you are special. Your body is created and is the way it currently is because of so many factors.

How your parents ate.

How your grandparents ate.

What toxins they were exposed to and you were and are.

How strong your organs were at birth.

What your ancestors BELIEVED about food.

What YOU BELIEVE about food (and exercise) :) 

Stop making yourself wrong. You're just being you.

The only thing that is happening is you aren't listening. To your body. To your symptoms. To yourself. And this goes beyond your diet. Where else in your life are doing things you do NOT want to be doing?

Are you working at a job you hate?

Traveling when you're allergic to airplanes?

Staying in a relationship that doesn't fit and you know it?

It's not only about the food. It's about allllll the things.

This isn't the way it naturally is. The way it naturally just flows. Where you get to do what you actually WANT to do, that is FUN for YOU to do and gets you results.

FUN for me:

  • Really really hot sweaty yoga
  • Pilates with the reformer
  • Running on an 80 degree day with a light breeze
  • Walking for 2 hours outside with my baby
  • Smoothies, alkaline coffee, cauliflower rice, beauty dust smoothies and Pelligrino


My FUN is probably not your fun. If it is, cool I like you more now. Just kidding.


You have to KNOW THIS. You're supposed to do things that make you happy. When you get happy, your body breathes again. It feels relief. It opens you up to insight. First step. Take a step back. Do you really want to be eating this way? Is it EVEN WORKING FOR YOU?

Do you want to know WHY? and WHAT WILL?


That's what I do. That's what I can tell you. What YOUR diet is not getting you the results. This is what my Food Rebel course is about.


Freeing you from the myths about your body. Food. Nutrition. Life.

It all fits together. You have to start with the food so it frees up everything else.

So you can go to the gym and LOVE it. Or not go go run outside.

So you can see your body change doing things you LIKE and LOVE to do.

So you can stop thinking about your food.

So that your body LETS GO of the bloating, the weight, the symptoms.

So you can WEAR the clothes you REALLY want to wear and oh go buy waaaay more of them too.


No forcing. All flowing.

You in?