I actually don't care about your skinny jeans

I used to have this program called 6 weeks to skinny jeans, and it was fine and good and all because at that time, it was all I knew. Or what I thought YOU WANTED but I can’t even be surface about this stuff anymore when I literally cringe and cry inside when I see cartfuls of contaminated foods going home with little children.

It’s because I never knew how IMPORTANT this actually is. And YES OK I ADMIT IT. I love skinny jeans and they look amazing with boots especially in this fall weather or anytime and I DO want you to be able to confidently and sassily pull them up and LOVEEEE how they fit and feel and the way you walk into well ANY ROOM wearing them but MORE than that?

I care about your soul. I care about your purpose. I care about you being a mom. I care about your cells, your liver, your brain, your HEART. I care about the non-physical AND the physical sides of you MORE. Because who even CARES about skinny jeans when your liver can’t keep up from the BPA leaked into your food from the container or packaging? Or who CARES about ‘trying’ to lose weight when you don’t even see that your adrenals are SHOT because you simply aren’t feeding yourself enough or correctly?

The way I SEE the world is this equation of ins and outs. You put in pure, you get out pure. You put in toxic, you get out toxic. I see people eating foods in restaurants and I can literally FEEL what is happening inside them as it goes down. I see people ordering ribs and I want to gag and also cry. I see so many people smiling who really do NOT feel like smiling inside because they don’t feel good in this ONE vessel you have chosen to life your life in and that SUCKS.

Everyday. All day long. It’s you and your cells and tissues and organs and it’s up to you to help them out. I want you to know how to heal and cleanse and purify and love your liver and heart and body and legs and stomach and all the ins and outs because THAT actually is what will get you into your jeans anyway. When you move into action from I NEED to know how this body of mine works. I need to know how I’m influencing it to be/look/feel this way so that I can influence into something new, then you will find your outcome.

Skinny jeans and I’ll do anything to get into them, even OMIT food groups like that oh really big important one called FRUIT or CARBS is NOTTTT the answer. And if it works, if you keep doing that, you will end up needing to figure out how to get into your jeans in a few months or years because you will literally sludge up your liver and burn out your adrenals. #itstrue

Just learn how to eat. Learn how this works. Learn what you actually need right now. It’s not a 6 week course to restrict your food life away. It’s about you getting where your body is and WHY so that you can yes use FOOD to love it into your favorite jeans, favorite dress, favorite anything and it WILL happen when you stop focusing on that that you don’t have.

Fueled & Focused is the course for just exactly this. If this speaks to you, and you just want to see it all so clearly, you’ll find your answers here.