When putting your pretzels in individual containers doesn't stop your sugar addiction.....


It's true. When I was in the middle of living during my sugar addiction, I would still buy the Rold Gold pretzels that I loved and tell myself while at the grocery store that I was NOT going to eat out of the bag, or eat the whole entire bag, but inevitably, I WOULD.

I remember one time I was in the thick of it and I just couldn't get myself to NOT buy the damn things, so instead I got out all the containers I owned, which wasn't many at the time because I was single but I lined them all up, counted and measured my 17 pretzels/serving and put them away. And then of course, my normal pattern emerged that night. I wanted a snack, I was already in bed. So I went downstairs to get my ONE container. Well that was pretty much gone by the time I got back to my bed.

So I went and got another....and then another.....and then why not more I've already ruined it at this point. And then yes I ate them all. Or way too many of them. KNOWING the entire time that I would definitely and certainly get the exact same outcome as always - which was feeling SO FULL, SO BLOATED. So MAD at myself and then waking up the next morning STILL FULL and full of guilt and shame and just uhhhhhhhhhhh why did I do that - ness!?!

Then off to the gym because now I HAD to workout, forget about making progress, it was the eraser effect. I had to undo what I had eaten the night before. Or maybe you do this but then don't even want to workout, because you've gotten into that rut too. RUTS SUCK. This I know.

And if you would have ever told me that I could get to a place where I just WOULD NOT EVEN EVER WANT TO BUY THESE FOODS. These foods I was ADDICTED TO. These foods that gave me happiness? Did they? I suppose they had to have, even if just for the time I was chewing them and mindlessly watching tv. There IS a reason you do it. One is a pattern, momentum of energy and yes also physical cravings are real, but ALSO I know that the idea of taking away certain foods, pretzels for me, maybe it's ice cream, cookies, pasta, bread or cake for you....you WANT THOSE THINGS.

You want them because they are giving you something. SO - What DO you do? If you want to be free of this? Free of the cravings? Free of the confusion about knowing what to do instead, and the idea that you will be happy, happier without them?

You have to see it for what it is.

This is not what your body wants. It's not even actually what YOU WANT. It's all off kilter. No one wants that. No one has cells that actually say, please eat more than you feel full at, and things that make you feel sick after, or things that make you feel GUILT after. That's not the real you talking, that's a misaligned version. What you do need though, is to get back in touch with how you really work.

How your mind works.

How your cells, tissues and organs work.

How your ENERGY system works.

Because THEN you can listen, you can learn, you can figure out what WILL and DOES fuel you from a place of purity. From a place of nourishment, from a place of "oh I LIKE THIS AND it tastes good AND I feel content."

You need to know what TO BE EATING and when and how and why so that you don't fall back into old patterns of sugar or just doing what's convenient. You will be eating PLENTY of food. You will NOT STARVE. You will NOT feel that you are being punished (by me lol) or you, you will actually likely be surprised at all that you GET to have, and how wonderful life and food can be.

AND you also get to put this all in place so that you go into the grocery stores (or Instacart) and you know what you are looking for. You know what sounds good, feels good, IS GOOD. You know that you GET to eat these things and then you know WHAT to do with them, and HOW to prepare them and you know the SYSTEM of food that works for you.

This is learning what you actually need, what you actually want when your body might not be telling you your true answers right now. OR your mind is telling you WAYYYY to many answers because of all the conditioning of the world when it comes to food. Because there is PLENTY out there. But it's not hard. It's simple when you can trust it.

I only show you how it is. How the foods work, what they do or don't do in your body, and how to use them, access them, put them together so you feel GOOD. HAPPY. You LIKE your body, you KNOW you are healthy. These things are important. Because the YOU who shows up for yourself, your career, your family to date night, or vacation is COMPLETELY different when you are confident, certain and sure of yourself.

When you RUN your kitchen, and you DECIDE what GETS to go in your body from a place of deservingness and worthiness instead of food having power over you. It's here that the pretzels lose all their power. You don't even walk by them anymore. You don't want them. You want what = lightness, health, vitality, energy and OMG RESULTS.

Because why would you sign up a for a program like this if you also didn't want to see and know and feel physical differences in your body and health? I know I wanted that. I wanted to know that my old restrictive then binge behavior followed by running or whatever at the gym could just go away BUT that I would still have all my energy, my body and my clothes would fit and feel amazing. AND I was healthy. AND I knew what I was doing. AND I could stop FOREVER Googling anything related to weight loss, sugar addiction or the like - actually I don't think there was google when I did this, but I would read all the magazine articles about it.

It's not hard. It's freedom. It's simple. It's unlearning and relearning a few things. You get to know how this works, and what you need to feel better. Fueled & Focused is starting THURSDAY! New price! New group! You get ME to help you navigate this food thing right now, right away and you don't have to wait.

You'll be guided with shopping, lists, cooking, food formulas and understanding the big picture of health and food and then your own specific actions so that you can just know what to eat for YOU. Not for me, not for anyone else, but within this realm of all there is available to us, what you do best with. And then you're free and you actually might think food is even FUN. At least I hope so :)

Check it out,

First call is Friday!!

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