New Snack Ideas if you're totally bored with carrot sticks

No offense carrot sticks, you’ve served me well, and probably all of you guys too. ;) The “snack” aisle or just healthy food aisles in general are WAYYYYYYY better than even a few years ago and they keep getting better and better and by that I mean they are getting SIMPLER and SIMPLER with LESS ingredients. That is what we are looking for for healthy foods.

So to kick this off, let me just say I always prefer real, whole foods to ANY that come in a package but don’t think I don’t like chips and crackers and bars too. I love a good crunchy snack, and that’s what most of these are!

snack ideas.JPG


YUMMM. These chips are fantastic because they are made of NOTHING but the vegetable and salt. I love all three flavors, I have only had the sea salt carrot ones but go crazy if you like herbs.


These are vegan and made of all GLUTEN FREE grains and seeds. No issues here at all. They are also a bit thicker/denser than some other crackers and don’t have garlic (at least the plain variety) so they don’t leave an after taste. Check out their other flavors though, I love the black seed ones.

SHOPPING TIP: grab the original version (2 bags in one box) at Costco and it’s a big savings


These also come in other fun flavors and again I always get sea salt because I am a vanilla loving girl. I’ve tried making these myself in my oven and they just haven’t gotten as crunchy but I’m going to try them again in my AIR-FRYER which you can grab here on Amazon.

#4: LARABARS (The GREENS ones or the SUPERFOOD varieties)

You might have had larabars for years but NOW they have made a leaner version. Still a gem with only 3 or so ingredients, but I am obsessed with the ones with greens. It makes them less dense, less sweet and just perfect for a light snack. Remember DATES and fruit are glucose that your body and brain run off of. AND if you’re trying to kick a sugar habit, I’d purposely eat dates and larabars to give your body the right sugar it’s actually been asking you for.


I LOVE these. They are super light. You’ll see them in a lot of my salads on my Instagram feed too. If you are more on the all grain free train then check these out.


Always check in before you snack (unless you have adrenal fatigue and NEED to be eating more frequently) remember eating is meant to be intuitive, eat when you are REALLY hungry and then eat something REAL. Those are the biggest rules of foods.

So drink your water first, because you need water more than food, and you probably aren’t drinking enough AND between ‘meals’ is the best time to drink water because of how it can affect your digestion.

If not water, grab a hot tea. I know it might not sound as good as peanut butter on a spoon or chips but it works. WHY? the warm drink has a comforting affect on you, because often that’s what we are looking to food to provide, emotional comfort when we don’t need to really eat. BUT it IS the exact right step to be self-soothing in these moments. That doesn’t mean go eat whatever you want so that you feel better. NO not when food and your health and body are what you are working on.

You want to soothe yourself to allow yourself to feel better in another way that is HEALTHY. So hot tea is great or hot water because you can’t gulp it down, or you will burn your tongue, you have to SLOW DOWN and slowing down the rate we eat and our MINDS is critical to making permanent lasting changes.

My faves?

  • Almost anything from Traditional Medicine (dandelion root might win)

  • Peppermint (soothes the gut whether you think you need it or not - we all do)

  • Also love just pouring hot water over fresh organic mint leaves

  • Caffeine free chai (if you want a little bit of sweetness, I use this at night too, brewed with half or all unsweetened almond or flax milk and a little stevia)

I hope this helps you out and gives you a few new things to try remember to always have SOMETHING in your bag, your purse, your car, and duh of course your house!

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