The way you get back into shape is the SAME way you got out of it!

Why you aren’t seeing changes in your body or health:

You’re in a pattern, a loop an energetic and therefore physically focused one. If you keep doing the exact same things you are doing and thinking the same things you are thinking you will stay the exact same.

This is always true. No exceptions.

If you fully believed that your desire (your weight, your health, your healthy flat stomach) were yours and nothing stood in your way, or nothing bad or strange would happen when you got them, you would have them.

So how do you tie this lovely information in with the ways that you eat, what you do for movement, exercise, fitness, all of your health minded things so that you move out of THAT pattern and into a new one?

First I want you to know and believe that as ‘hard’ as it may seem to get or have the health and body you want right now, or as much as you feel ‘stuck’ it can be that much of a strong energy of EASE and just the way it is-ness as well.

It’s about moving the energy to flow in the direction you want. And in order to have that you have to line up with it. Meaning all of you has to line up with it. The way you eat, the way you sleep, the foods you eat or don’t, the drinks you drink or don’t, the sugar you consume or don’t. And how you think and feel and believe about these actions you take…..or don’t.

This isn’t about perfection. There’s no such thing actually. This is about being the person who has that healthy fit body. In all ways. And saying no to anything that says otherwise.

What’s often missing when you jump into a program, a course, a coach, a diet, is that you haven’t checked in on where you are at energetically with all of this. With your expectations on it, and on the path you say you are going to ‘do’ to get to your lean healthy hot body.

You MUST know this. Energy is everything. You could do the exact same workout WITH energy behind it and without and get results miles apart. So don’t you want to know how this works with food and your entire vision for your health?

Watch this video I just did in my Facebook group where I talked about how getting IN SHAPE is actually just the same as you got out of it. Moving your energy in a new direction. ✨✨✨

I want you to know how this feels in your body. Where you just know what to do, and you LIKE what you do and it feels eASY. Oh! and you get what you want from it, because what’s the point otherwise? We are MEANT to feel good, to be healthy, to fit in our favorite clothes and to go get more of them #yesplease.

I’m SOOOOO excited to be teaching this in Fueled & Focused. This time, it’s LIVE, it’s with me, helping you to navigate your own energy in the world of food and health. There is so much to know so that it gets easier and easier. Because it does.

We’re starting January 21st, read more here, and just know that this isn’t MY DIET I want you to learn or follow. These are energetic truths about how your body and foods work. They will never change. It’s up to you to learn how to play with them. 🍌✨🥬🥦🥑


Watch the full video here >>>